F1Tenth IV2023 Championship

Calender June 04 - June 07 2023
Location Anchorage Alaska, USA

F1Tenth IV2023 Championship

F1TENTH Autonomous Racing is a semi-regular competition organized by an international community of researchers, engineers, and autonomous systems enthusiasts. The teams participating in the F1Tenth IV2023 Championship will build a 1:10 scaled autonomous race car according to a given specification and write software for it to fulfill the objectives for the competition: Don’t crash and minimize laptime.

The main focus of F1TENTH IV2023 CHAMPIONSHIP is an in-person competition with physical cars. Each team will bring their own F1TENTH car and write the software for their car. The teams have access to a detailed build manual and can use open-source software that helps them to get started with the car. The organizers provide the race setup (rules, submissions, guidelines), the track, and related infrastructure and organize the race itself. For the competitions, teams first take part in a qualification in order to determine seeding. The teams need to demonstrate that they are able to compete in a time trial on the map without any obstacles as well as finish the laps without collision on the same map with obstacles that are unknown prior to run time. Afterward, the teams compete in a knockout phase in head-to-head racing in an intense battle with their autonomous driving algorithms. Since vehicles and hardware are standardized, teams must develop robust perception, planning, and control algorithms that can deal with the uncertainties of a new track and new competitors. The Championship phase pits competitors against each other on the same track.


Rahul Mangharam

Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Director of xLab for Safe Autonomous Systems, Director of Autoware Foundation Center of Excellence

Zhijie (George) Qiao

Research engineer the Autoware Foundation Center of Excellence

Ignacio Alvarez

Intel Labs, CoChair IV2023 Challenge Track

Rony Ferzli

Intel Automotive, CoChair IV2023 Challenge Track

Hongrui (Billy) Zheng

PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania

Pat Pragman

Graduate student at the University of Alaska Anchorage